Mr. Paul

The 2010 World Cup is over, but the era of Paul the Octopus should not be.

Yes, Paul the Octopus himself is now available to you all the time. You can use him to make all sort of winning choices. Just select your pictures and let Paul do his magic. If you are not satisfied with Paul’s choice, no need to panic and cook him for dinner whatsoever, just repeat and hope that he chooses the correct answer this time around.

What more you ask? Well, this app comes with a COMPLETE SET of cheap and silly sound effects for your amusement.

Simple, extremely easy to use, and FREE! Could you imagine that? You do not have to pay a cent for Mr. Paul’s services and his celebrity status. However, we do accept donations to continue producing such pointless projects, and other not-so-pointless ones.

Exclusively available on iPhone and iPod Touch.